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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vintage apron step 2 - Day 321

 This is step two in the vintage apron!
Easier is purple, fancier is red text.

Ok, so this isn't an exact science. I place the third fabric pattern up to the finished top. I pinned the middle and at the edge where the top ends. Then hold it out past that mark about 8 inches. Cut. measure how far down you want this layer to end and cut. 
Also use this piece to measure for the second piece. They will be the same width, just make sure you let the bottom layer be 4-6 in longer than the top layer.

Fold and iron the side seams. Sew. 

The top layer will have 3 box pleats. How you make a box pleat is you measure the exact center of the fabric and iron. Half way between this mark and the edge iron another mark. Same on the other side. You should have three iron marks.

 Back to the center fold. I want you to lay the fabric so the fold you ironed in the center so the fold is on the right and the raw edges are on the left.

 Measure, from right to left, in one inch.

 Take the raw edge and fold back toward the right. Iron.

Repeat with the other layer.

This is what it looks like before you iron it down.

After you iron it will leave a crease. 

Measure down two inches down that ironed seam. Sew down that seam.

 After you sew don that seam you need to turn it over and flatten the little bubble in the center.

Sew across the top of that seam. 

This is how it looks like when the top has been sewn across the top.
Finished box pleat

 This pattern has three layers. You will cut all three layers the same width, but make sure the length is longer by 5 in in each tier.

Hem all sides of all layers and gather at the top. 

I like to stagger the sides a little so this is what my edge looks like, you can make them even. 

Sew to the skinny waist band.

What is fun about this pattern is you can stop here. You don't have to add the top if you don't want. this is a totally cute half apron!

Finished fancy apron!


Finished simple!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

Those are adorable!! I love the choice of fabric. Thats a lot of work to do a tutorial on it. Thank you!