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Monday, June 11, 2012

Coffee filter flowers - Day 304

 I am making decorations for my soon to be Sister-in-laws bridal shower and thought I would share how to make beautiful flowers from coffee filters.

 I folded a bunch of the filters in quarters and halves.

To start off the flower you take one filter that has been folded in half. Start at one end and roll it so it looks like this picture. use hot glue to adhere the end to the body of the filter. 

Take another filter that is folded in half and place a drop of glue on the bottom, you are wanting to position this filter so the middle covers the seam. 

 Here it is after you glue down both sides.
 Repeat this step again and make sure you are covering both seams of the newly placed filter.

The end probably won't line up with the top and that's ok. It will be covered. 

Take a filter that as been folded in half, and then half again. Place glue in center of this new filter and place on the center where it will cover the seam. It will look silly. 

 Place glue on the ends and wrap around the center.

This is what it looks like when the ends are glued down. You can see the seam so you will cover this with another filter. You just keep going around the flower making even additions. 

The bottom will look messy and that is fine!

 You keep adding till you get the desired circumference.

 Fold a filter in half and the half again, but the second time fold it a little off, like the picture.

 Add about four or five to go all the way around the flower once.
You want it to look like the petals are getting smaller on the outside.

 Fold two filters in half a little off...

Fold the bottom up about a half inch.
 Glue to the flower

Viola!  The finished product! I used wood skewers for the stems and just stuck them up through the middle and the glued petals together to cover it up. I will arrange three of them in a vase and you will have to wait to see them all together! 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Michelle C said...

Those are so so fun and pretty!!!