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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My job chart for kids - Day 307

I have stumbled upon a great website that we have been using too keep track of the boys chores each day. It is called "My job chart".  You sign in as an adult and assign certain chores for your littles. They even have a day and night and certain day feature. Then you give them all a password and they can log in (or you can help them till they can do t alone) and they check off what they have completed that day. It keeps track of what you have assigned as a reward. I think I am just doing random points that don't matter right now, but when they get older you can give them a certain amount of money per chore and then when the week is done you know how much $$ or points or rewards to give them.

We started to give a monthly allowance if they do their chores at least 95% of the time. I mean they are still little and most of the time it is me forgetting to tell them their chores, so anyways, they get $1 for every year they are old. Ben gets $3 and Tayrien gets $1 a month. They can also work on learning to pay tithing now. We give them their the first Saturday of the month so they can pay tithing every fast Sunday.

So back to the website, it is awesome and this is a digital age and I thought kids and teens would be better at keeping track if it is online! Go explore!!


Johnston Journal said...

We are starting something like that. We made Ethan the "power police" and he can earn 10 cents a day if he makes sure all lights are off if no one is in the room, tv's off etc. He's totally taking it seriously and he's had his first "paycheck" and he LOVED it! Definitely helping with the power bill. LOL!

Michelle C said...

That's a neat idea. I'll have to check that out. That's cool you're already doing allowance and tithing.