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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lizzy House - Day 312

When I was in college I moved into a house with my best friend Mary Lyman. To my delight another roommate and I hit it off just as well. Her name was Lizzy House. We would watch the cooking channel and any design show. We were connected because we both were artistic. She helped me expand my horizons in my art. I will always love her for this. She grew up to be a fabulous designer of fabrics! She does more than just that, but since I sew I love them the most. I think I have loved every line of her more than the last one! I have already picked out fabric to make a baby blanket out of her fabric. I just need the word. I am so excited. Here is her blog (I can't remember if it is private so let me know) and here is her primary fabric publisher. You can find her anywhere on the web. here are some of my favorites:
Lizzy dish
(Super cute retro kitchen fabric)

 1001 Castle peeps
SUper cute-reminds me of my favorite movie Sleeping Beauty)

(I love her color choices and I love the little hedgehog!)

She has way more than I posted and she is always coming up with more. I love her style and her color and design choices are always on point with the rest of the world. I wish I could be Lizzy!

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Michelle C said...

That's so fun she does that, wow!