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Friday, June 15, 2012

Almost there - Day 308

This is what I look like most days. Hair up in a pony/bun and still in p/j's
Sooo, people I am less than 60 days away from my goal. I am slipping. Not because I am running out of ideas, but because I am sick with this pregnancy and some days I can't even crawl off the couch. I have done some really lackluster and crummy posts and for that I am truly sorry. It is not what I wanted it to be.

Bear with me. There will be some good ones mixed in there and those will be the days I am feeling mostly normal and have energy.

I am eating Ben and Jerry's as we speak. It makes me feel special.


Johnston Journal said...

Ethan and Jeff are addicted to Phish Food (B&J). They LOVE it! :)

Michelle C said...

I have liked your posts. That's amazing you're so close to your goal.

Michelle C said...

And don't worry. That's what I look like most days too.