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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bride to be crown - Day 316

I saw this really cute idea for the bridal shower a long time ago and made it right away. So this crown has been sitting, waiting for today and for me to post about how I made it. It is a little crown for the bride to be made from chicken wire and lace.

I cut some chicken wire down do about 6" wide and long enough to go all around my head and a little to tie off. The hardest part was connecting the wire so it didn't hurt the head. I had to twist every wire so it was flat going up the seam. I poked my hands a lot. Once that was done and I had a circle I took little beads and put them on the top wires that were exposed. I then took jewelery pliers and curled that wire down so it could poke. So no wires are exposed anymore. Then I cut lace and used hot glueto place it on the crown. You have to have two of the lace. One for the inside and one for the outside. Lace has holes and so doe the crown, so if you put hot glue on it and nothing is on the back, you will burn y our fingers. Ask me how I know!

Ok, so then I added little sparkly jewels all around the lace with hot glue. I had already had the white rosette and thought it was too big for my head, but it was perfect for the crown. I hot glued it on the lace seam to hide it a little.

Finally I added a little paper saying " Bride to be" with hot glue (my best friend) and it is so dang cute! I don't know if she will want to wear it, but I am placing it on her seat to save it for her. Cute huh!

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Michelle C said...

That is so creative. I love it!