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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bento box - Day 313

 Aren't they so cute! 

I recently stumbled upon this art of the Japanese lunch box called Bunto box. The Japanese take pride in their arts and lunch is no different. I thought I would try it out to see if it helped the boys like their food better. It helped a little. Maybe it was my presentation and I will only get better!

You start by making the dish pretty with lettuce or some kind of green. They have real fancy plastic lettuce for the lunch boxes if you want.  You are supposed to separate anything that doesn't mix taste wise.

I used sticky rice and a sandwich bag  to make the ball form. twist it tight and it will make a ball. A few minutes will all it take for the ball to form. Sticky rice is a special rice. I couldn't find the name sticky, so I used sushi rice and it worked great.

I used my itty bitty cookie cutters to make a star shape to put on top of the rice. 

I used a metal pick from my candy thermometer to make the eyes and the mouth. The videos I watched they use small coffee straws. 

 Here is the finished product. I poured soy sauce on the balls after I gave it to the boys. The rices was still hot so the cheese metled to the balls.

I also included cherry tomatoes, sausage, and broccoli. 

Tayrien ate everything like usual. Ben ate most of it. 

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

That is so adorable!! I cannot believe how picky Tyler is. The kid starves himself half the time because he won't eat anything (ok not starve but it's sure stressful)