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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Littles stool - Day 259

My boys are constantly asking to have me pick them up and put them on my kitchen counter. I do it sometimes, but it can get dangerous or way to crazy when I am making food. I decided to make them their very own stool to stand on, because they would fight over one. I had some extra 2x4's from the bunk bed  and used them, so this project was FREE!

All the wood is 2x4 (you can use 2x2's for the box and legs if wanted)

Shopping and cutting list:
12" long boards (3)
10" long boards (2)
6" long boards (6)
At least 3" screws 
sand paper

Here is the wood all cut up. Two of the 12" ones I later cut down to 10" so don't get confused.

 You are going to make a box with two 10" boards and two 6" boards. This picture shows the 12" on top and bottom and the 6" on right and left.

I used a wood bit slightly smaller than your screw circumference. You need to put two holes on each side of the longer boards. See how they are staggered? They need this for stability.

Screws going in.

 Side view of box. Make sure you don't go past the board width when picking the screw spots.

Then I laid the top boards down and put the box on top of them (like the stool is upside down) and then traced the box on the top boards. That way when I lay the top boards on the box, I can line them up.

Once lined, use your drill bit and make two holes in each board. Make sure you put them in the center to catch the box below. Make sure you are in and inc from all sides. 

Then you will add the last four 6" pieces for legs.  Lay them in there to gauge where they will go. Then use the drill bit to make the holes. Stagger them!

  Then use screws.You will need to apply pressure to the inside leg. The screw will want to push it away.
 Here it is assembled! Literally took me 1 hr with cutting and measuring. Oh and I made to in that hour.

Then I painted the bottoms white and the tops two coordinating colors in my kitchen . Ben asked for lightening McQueen stool, so the red is now called Lightening McQueen red. 

Then you want to take your sand paper and distress them. I did it on the sides, corners and a little on the tops.

All done! I think I may add an initial on top....later.

I think the red one looks like a toadstool mushroom!

The boys loved them!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

Those are the cutest things ever! They would be perfect for the bathroom too!