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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire starters - Day 251

 I thought that we should introduce our boys to camping this year and have started preparing for our adventures. I always have a hard time starting fires, so I made little kits to help the process. I used a throw away muffin tin and muffin cups to start. Then I added lint from my dryer and a little toilet paper.

 I picked up little sticks and placed them on top of the TP.

 Then I had some burlap scraps that I cut up and placed on top of all of that. 

Then I had an old candle that has lost it's smell, so I warmed it up till all the wax melted and poured it all over the stuff.

This is what it looks like when the wax dries.

The beauty of these little kits is you can add whatever you can find around your house. I would have liked to add more lint, but I can make more with the next batch. Stay tuned for the final verdict on how well they do in action!!

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