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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter basket goodies - Day 238

 My kids cannot handle candy well. They turn into sugar monsters. So every holiday that involves candy I try and improvise. This year I found some goodies at the Target dollar section. Carrot bubbles on a necklace, mister, bendy bunnies, squishy balls, abc flash card, and finally colors and shapes cards. I will eventually put the flash cars in a little photo book. My favorite thing is the mister, It is on the top middle of the photo. You fill them with water and pump the bottom. Then you push this button and a mist comes out. I thought it would be great for amusements parks, the zoo, park, etc.


Michelle C said...

What fun things! It's always nice to have things that'll last past just a piece of candy. Those misters

Michelle C said...

Oops --- those misters are neat and I'm a sucker for flashcards!!