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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The best home made pizza - Day 247

 Daniel and I love pizza. We have pizza night every Friday night. We have been looking for a really great crust as well as great toppings. So I found this video on youtube of Wolfgang Puck's California crust. It was Ahh-may-zing!!!!

I really liked it. So did Daniel and the boys. I have been using a pouch of ready to mix dough for convenience, but the time put into it is worth it. I love the guy in the video and will be trying his other recipes.

 I also decided to try great new toppings. I bought fresh tomatoes and sliced them .I placed them right on top of the sauce. 

I bought real mozzarella. The soft rubber feeling kind. It is so yummy! I chopped it up into squares. I also bought fresh basil leaves and chopped them up.

 This is what it looks like when it is done. SOooooooooo yummy! I am salivating right now.

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