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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Resurrection Eggs- Day 236

 I have had these resurrection eggs since high school. This was the one thing I have been hanging on to to share with my family. This year Benjamin got into them and I have been running around picking up the pieces. I decided that the case needed an uplift to. It took a while to find the exact scriptures and objects that matched my eggs. I think mine is the LDS version.


Here are the scriptures and objects: 

1. Matthew 26:26-27,39 (sacrament cup or piece of bread - I used sacrament cup)
2. Matthew 26: 14-15 (3 dimes - represents 30 pieces of silver) [This fulfilled the prophecy in Zechariah 11:12-14.]
3. Matthew 27:1-2 (knotted twine)
4. Matthew 27:15, 17, 21, 24-26 (chunk of hand soap)
5. Matthew 27:28-30  or Mark 15:16-17 (square of red or purple fabric)
6. Matthew 27:31-32 (small nail or toothpick cross or both)
7. Matthew 27:35 (dice to represent soldiers casting lots)
8. Matthew 27:50-51, 54 (crushed rocks)
9. Matthew 27:57-60 (strip of white cloth)
10. Matthew 27:60, 62-66 (a small stone)
11. Mark 16:1, 2-6 (herb. I used peppercorn)
12. Matthew 28:5-6 (empty - He is Risen :) - my favorite one)

Here are the pics for every egg: 













 I plan on reading them the 12 days before Easter and the 12th one to be opened on Easter morning, but since my kids are a little small, I will do them all on Easter morning this year.

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

That's fun you made the container all cute. I think last year was the first year I had even heard of resurrection eggs and did them with the boys. One or two of our objects are different though. It's a fun tradition. I can't believe you've had yours so long, that's neat.