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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The meanig of a name

We have had a name picked out for a baby girl since we knew we were pregnant with Benjamin in 2008. I am a planner and start early. I like really creative unique names and Daniel likes very traditional. Totally opposite. I gave into Benjamin because Daniel has wanted the name for as long as he can remember. I figured if a GUY thought that about a name, then I should go with it. I am easy going and the promise of other children made me more ok with it.

Then we got pregnant with #2. We attended a baptism and someone commented on the childs name being the mothers maiden name Alexander. I didn't think it was a cool name till I found out it used to be the mothers. I totally didn't think Daniel would go for it, so I made a sarcastic comment that it was too bad my name was Tayrien. Then he turned to me and said, "Why?" Then we both decided right then and there that it would be Tayrien. If he was for it, I am totally for it.

So I have figured out a way to get unique names while still being traditional...family names. Ok, the next pregnancy happens and we still have the same girl name picked out, but we were struggling with the boy. I had a ton of options, but Daniel didn't care for them. Then one night I pulled out a family history chart from Daniel's family and we started reading names. Daniel mentioned August and I jumped at that one. I have wanted that name since Tayrien, but couldn't convince Daniel of it, till he saw a family member with it. YEs!!!!!!! we had both names picked out.

So that brings me to our latest baby #3. I like the idea of taking names and rearrainging them to make new names. So one day in church sometime in 2008 I was playing with my name and found a combination I loved. Daniel liked it too. My middle name is Laurie after my mom. So i just took the "L" and place it at the end of the name to create "Auriel". I loved it. You pronounce it like a pirate saying Arrr, the letter "E", and the letter "L". Or the way sebastian the crab from the little mermaid says Ariel.

I couldn't think of a middle name that would work. I thought Brittany was more of a first name and weird as a middle, but after some convincing, I am ok with it. It will become more common I am sure as the years pass by and all the Brittany's have girls.

So now that we have named all of our children and y ou know the story behind it, we can move onto the crafty goodness. The baby will live in our room for a wile, so I want to decorate a little bit and my favorite thing is I want to spell out her name with mismatched letters and but a frame around it.


So today I made the first letter. I found a paper "A" in the target dollar section. So I started by painting it with a brush, but it was taking forever and looked bad, so I broke out the spray paint and painted it a glossy white. Then I made some cute rosettes that will match her theme of shabby chic. I am so excited to find another letter! I am thinking of a horseshoe for the "U" and painting it bright pink or something. Any other ideas for letters???


Brooks Family ♥ said...

So cute! I love it :)

Michelle C said...

Adorable. The horse shoe is a great idea. I love that! I"ll have to think some more for the other letters. It was fun to read your story about the names. Love Auriel!