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Friday, August 10, 2012

New chapter and a Winner!!!!

So today signifies the end of my year of posting every day. Whey! What I learned on this journey is that posting every day doesn't always produce great posts. I think I will still post all of my fun and creativity, but I want to be happy with every single post I put out there. So keep checking back for more nuggets of fun!

I am preparing for the boys birthday coming up, which is a superhero theme, and I created a symbol for each of the boys and a super hero name. Ben used to be called Silver ricochet, but it was a mouthful for him, so he is now Super ricochet.  Tayrien is Captain Taynk and I love his symbol!

This is the first step of the birthday planning and preparing so I am getting excited! I haven't figured out how I am going to apply them to their super capes. I may just have to cut out eat piece in fabric and sew them on, but that is A LOT of pieces! Stay tuned for that post! OH and since I love making these symbols, I am very willing to make some for my followers! Just leave me a message of what the super name is and if you have an idea for the symbol or colors. I will whip them up and send them to you! 

Now on to the best part of today's post the winner of the "365 days of posting" contest: 



Candie said...

Congrats on completing a whole year! That is a huge accomplishment! I'm excited to see what you do for their birthday. I love birhtday planning! We are doing the Paper Bag Princess. I was just thinking yesterday that it is about time for their birthday photo shoot! Yay!!!

Johnston Journal said...

YAY! I never win anything!!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Michelle C said...

LOVE those little logos. I'm so excited for their party!! They're so fun to get together!!