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Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby A and the ultrasound

Yesterday was my first ultrasound of this pregnancy. One good thing about my doctor is he was trained to do his own ultrasounds in medical school so he does EVERYTHING for me (including the meds for my c-section). It is nice to know that it is just one person who is taking care of me instead of a bunch I don't know and don't trust. Anyways, back to the ultrasound, he is such a good doctor and went right for the goods first thing. Every other ultrasound mde me wait till the end to find out the gender. He is also a very detailed doctor so he explained everything. We got to see a heat index of the blood flow to the baby and the pull from the uterus. Both are as healthy as could be. He also said the brain looked healthy, the heart was pumping correctly, all the vertibray in the spine were lined up and none out of place. We got some good pictures of which he E_MAILED them to me! It was so cool. I printed copies off at home for the baby book, but I don't have to take a picture of a picture to show all of you! The coolest part was near the end, he captured a short video of the baby opening his/her mouth and the tongue and got a still picture for us. It is a really cool pic.

Check back here tomorrow for the gender reveal!


Michelle C said...

Oh you sneaky thing!!!! Those pictures are so fun!! I'm glad you love your Dr so much and that he's thorough!! That's so sweet of him to tell you the gender first, to e-mail pictures and to take the time to get some good shots!!

jjediehl said...

Okay, I'm anxiously waiting for the news. Love hearing how you're doing. Love Aunt Jere

Mary Beck said...



I'm deep down just boiling with envy!!!.. How stinking fun would a girl be? You're going to be such a great 'girly' mom with all your craftyiness..

Loved the video of the boys. So wierd to see that those are your kids. They're so handsome and seem like such buddies. And your hair was really cute when you walked in the video for just a second:)

So excited for you. Oh, and love the name, p.s.