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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teaching your kids to swim (1) - Day 293

Day 1

I stumbled upon this great website teaching parents how to teach your kids to swim successfully. The videos are amazing and makes me feel like I am way behind on teaching my kids, so I thought I would share our process with you all. 

So today we are talking about the prep work before getting into the pool. They suggest you maybe get your kids a little something to get them excited about swimming. I want to get Ben some goggles and some dive toys. Some other ideas are a swim vest, floating mat, or noodle if they are really nervous, and maybe a swim cap. No other toys besides diving toys to promote swimming not playing in the water. 

So here is the first video. Watch it. It will change your life. Since my boys are already ok with water over their heads,  I practiced holding our breath out of the water. We now have this cute little game where we plug our nose and hold our breath and who ever can hold it the longest wins. Ben is always saying he wins, but I guess that isn't the point.


If the video doesn't work, use this link

Do's and Don'ts:
  • You can practice holding your breath anywhere at anytime. The car would be a great place!
  • Remember toys and playing in the water are your friend. Ben will do anything if he can play so be sure to include a little of that before or after your swim lessons.
  • Don't rush your child and definitely don't throw them in the deep end. Good experiences help the process!

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