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Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Nursing Home Week - Day 280

 I had no idea that this week even existed until today when my Mother-in-law invited us to her work. She works in a Nursing home and today was kids and pets day. She picked us up and brought us to her work. They had a bouncy house, kool-aid, cookies, and a bunch of cool pets. There was a Tortoise, pot belly pig, English bulldog, duck, turkey, Silkie chicken, bunny rabbit, snake, alligator and some other dogs. The boys had a blast in the bouncy house and by the end we had to drag them away from the animals! Their favorite was the alligator. Grandma Dee would pick it up so they could both pet it. At one time Tayrien touched it and made this hand gesture and sound to say that feels yucky! The duck was put into a little pool and would get the water on it's back and splash the kids. It was hilarious! My favorite was the English Bulldog. I have always wanted one! Thanks Grandma Dee for the fun morning!!!

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Michelle C said...

I didn't know that existed either. I guess they have a week or a day in celebration of everything really. That's nice mom could come get you! That turtle is super cool. I'm surprised mom was brave enough to hold the alligator. I wouldn't have been. (: