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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boutique sign - Day 271

 I needed a sign for all the wonderful goodies I am now selling at the Liza Rae Trading company! I needed it fast so I went to my wood stash in my back yard and found the perfect size. I slapped some blue paint on it and sanded it down so I could see the grain. I then cut some vinyl in the shape of my name and placed that on the board. I didn't want it to come off, so I modge podged over it all. Then I drilled two holes and threaded some rope string through to hang it with. The last step was to add a rosette to the side for some bling and It looks great!!! I am sure I will make a new one that is fancier later, but this will do for now!


Kori said...

Where do you get your cute buttons for your rosettes?

Michelle C said...

I love it. I don't think you ever have to make a new one. You need to take a picture of your whole set up once it's at her studio.