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Monday, May 28, 2012

San Diego and Arizona- Day 290

 So I thought I would share some photos from our trip. Some of AZ is in here too. 

San Diego harbor

Papa Ed and the boys

Throwing rocks into the ocean

ON the flight to AZ. Ben wouldn't turn around. 

They loved the window!

Man the water is cold!

 Tucker, My dad, Chase

I don't remember a lot of things from growing up in AZ, but I do remember this place!

This is my sweet Granny pushing Benn in the swing 

In church Benny picked through the fruit loops and pulled out all the crazy eights because they look like a letter "B" and lined them up all nice to eat.

I visited with my cousins and here are all the kids!

The best fish in San Diego right on the beach

Tayrien wandered into a beach volleyball practice and these girls fell in love with him. 

Ok, one of me, before I got burned.

He ate the lemon.

Ben loved the fish, So did Tayrien.

Bucket head

 Ben wouldn't touch the water until Grandma Kathy enticed him to.

Tucker dug this hole and when he was through he told me to get in it. No pictures of me in it though.

He did not like the water and would scream every time he would touch it.

Tayrien cried on the animals, so we sat on a bench.

Ben wanted to ride forever.


Kori said...

Thanks for coming to see us, glad you had a nice trip.

Michelle C said...

That looks like fun!! I thought Granny was your mom's mom?? Am I confused?

Anonymous said...

We missed you so much while you were gone. We hope to see you soon!
I love the pictures and your comments!


jjediehl said...

Your Dad was so glad that all of you kids came. I'm also glad you got to see three of my girls. I love the picture of the kids on Kori's couch. Cousins are the BEST. Glad you had a good time. I'm sorry I missed seeing you. Take care. Love Aunt Jere