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Monday, February 27, 2012

Wee mouse in a Tin house - Day 200

I am more than halfway done! I am so thrilled! 
If you are an avid follower, stay tuned today is special!

I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest. I just had to make one. It was really easy too.

 I cute a square out of brown fabric and sewed it on three sides. Turn right side out and put in fluff and cute two circles for ears. Pin them to the inside of the open edge and hand stitch it closed. Stitch the face on with embroidery floss.

Your bunny has to have a teddy bear, so I drew one on one side of felt and then pinned another layer on the back of the teddy drawing. Then stitch the drawing. Cut around the drawing.

Stitch on a face.

Aww so cute!

Next cut a simple rectangle the size that will fit in your tin for the pillow. Fold in half,  sew sides - but leave a hole so you can turn it right side out. once turned right side, put fluff in and set the hole closed. Next pick fabric for the blanket and fit it in the tin. You want it long enough so it will cover the bunny and go down the tin a little. You will eventually glue the bottom of the blanket. Sew all the way around to hem the blanket.

 Lay a piece of felt inside the bottom of the tin and cut it to fit. Using hot glue, glue it to the bottom of the altoids tin.

 Next glue the pillow in.

 Glue the bottom of the blanket to the far end of the tin.

Isn't Wee mouse so stinking cute all tucked in?!?

I think it is so stinking cute and the boys played the entire time at church with him. At first the tin wouldn't close because there was too much fluff, but eventually it will close. I tied a ribbon around it for now.

Update: I am holding a naming contest for wee mouse and the winner gets a $10 gift card to Michael's!!!

Just leave your mouse name in the comments (hint- be creative).
Wednesday I will pick and let you know who won!


Michelle C said...

He is just adorable! I saw him on interest and thought he was so cute. I am so bad at coming up with names. I'll have to think about it.

Candie said...

Marlie and I vote for Tinny. She made it up. No special story. He he. What a fun giveaway! And a very cute mouse!

Michelle C said...

How about Gizmo?

Life as a Greenstreet said...

My vote is chocolate....but I want you to make me two of them! I will pay you for them. SO cute!

Anonymous said...

How about Nutella?

You could give away a copy of the pattern to a future winner.. it's good to support creative people! The pattern is fantastic.

- Jessica, jessica @ dinosaunti.org