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Monday, February 13, 2012

Food storage? - Day 185

I have been wanting a better and more attractive way to store my three main ingredients in my cooking and baking. So every time I go to the Wal-Mart I stare at the kitchen organization and just think of what I should do. Pinterest has given me a few ideas, but I finally settled on a clipping I found in a magazine. It had a kitchen island on wheels and shelves. I made the island last year out of pallet wood and have been waiting to purchase my containers. I finally just did it this week. They are so cute! They look like those big candy jars you find in an old store. I of course had to make them cute bu adding labels out of vinyl! I really love the font I used (kailey font) and I found the shape on a website called "SVG cuts" and used my cricut! They are so stinkin cute and every time I walk into my  kitchen I feel so Happy!!!!

I also found some cute metal scoops and stocked up on the supplies. Daniel said I could label them as food storage of sorts, because they hold so much - I am totally justifying my purchase!!! They were originally supposed to sit on the bottom shelf of my island, but Tayrien has already broken a few of my jars on the bottom, so I placed them on the counter and I think I like them more here!


Candie said...

Love them- and the font. I did vinyl on my kitchen containers too but I like the shape you used better.

Michelle C said...

THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love them. I like them on the counter too, then you can see them better when you go in the kitchen and feel happy more often. (: I was going to say I love the font too!!!! So pretty!! And so FUN!!!

ALYN said...

Love the canisters. So classy.