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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First person - Day 186

The other day I was mailing a valentine to my parents in Arizona and I had Benjamin draw a picture. When I went to pick up the paper I saw that he had drawn a person. HIS FIRST PERSON! It was so cute. I asked Ben who it was and he said "Papa Ed". I took a picture and sent it on it's way.

A few days later I saw in pinterest this company that you send your kids pictures to and they send back a little stuffed replica of the drawing. The picture matched the creature perfectly! It was too cute! So I thought it would be fun to create one for Ben from his first drawing of a person.

SO first step is to trace the picture onto paper. I put a paper up to the computer screen and traced with a soft pencil. Then I placed white fabric over that drawing and traced it with a fabric pen.

 Then I laid more white fabric over the drawing and traced the eyes, cut them out, and laid them on the orange fabric. I traced around the shapes and then cut a little INSIDE the lines to make it origonal size again - due to tracing and cutting a few times it makes it a little bigger. 

 Now it is original size.

 Then you use a zig-zag stitch and make it really shallow and short length. Applique them on by just following the edge all the way around the shapes.

Then you take fusible interfacing and iron it to the back of each side of the fabric.

 Next step is to make the arms and legs. I simply cut fabric 1.5 in. wide by however long you need. Sew one short end and one long end. Turn right side out and stick pipe cleaners in. pin them to the pattern. Make sure the ends you want showing is in the center.

 Sew all the way around using a strait stitch. Turn right side out.

Stuff with fluff and hand sew the opening closed. Ben drew hair so I then took orange yarn and made it look like the picture. Then we placed "Papa Ed" on his arm.

 Finished! When Ben saw him he said his eyes are not open so I handed him a marker and he went at it!


The entire time I was making it he would say "That's my Papa Ed!" or "I want him!" He was so happy when he got him! Then we called Papa Ed so he could show him!!!


Michelle C said...

Lol, I just love it. I saw that link on pinterest too. Such a clever idea. That's neat it was his first person. He did such a good job!!!! I just love those pictures of him with it. He loves him!!

Candie said...

So cute! Ben looks so happy. (and he's getting so big!)

ALYN said...

I love those first people drawings! So cute.