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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine #14 red ties- Day 181

I love making my boys ties for church. Since my new years dress works for Valentines too, I took some extra fabric and made ties to match my dress that I will wear on Sunday.

I used one of their existing ties and cut the fabric 1/2 in bigger for the seams. I chose to make it reversible so each side is a different fabric. You will also cut fusible interfacing and iron it to one of the sides for stabilization. Then you place right sides together and sew all sides. You will include the elastic the size that you need on the top. The only side you will not sew, is the very top seam. Cut the corners and points so when you turn the tie right side out they will lay flat.

Turn right side out and press. You will top stitch around the whole tie and fold the top seam down so it catches . Presto your done!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

I guess I'm farther behind than I thought! (: the week has flown by!! These are so cute!!! Did you happen to take a picture of you in your dress with the boys in their ties??? That would be adorable!!