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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring cleaning checklist - Day 201

Today I was inspired to start Spring cleaning. My house is just full of junk and toxins from the winter, so I am cleaning house! I have always been poor and you don't just get rid of stuff. You keep it for later because you might need it and you just saved money! I have realized that this isn't always a good trait to have. I have a tiny house and even tinier storage. I have a storage unit that holds half of my house. I don't know why I can't let it go. I have been maturing lately and realized I am ok with letting most of it go. I am going to make my hubby clean out our attic and make some room for a little storage (Christmas, keepsakes) and sell the rest. Even baby things. Even if I am not yet done having children (Ok I might keep a few things, but most of it is going).

I read this book about Feng Shia (say "fung shway") the asain way of balancing our homes. They say that if you have a junk room, closet, or even a drawer it weighs on you. You physically carry that around on your shoulders. It weighs you down subconsciously.  Just think of how relieved you would feel if every inch of your house was organized? AMAZING! I have a junk storage unit.

SOOOooooo, my goal for Spring cleaning this year is to rid my shoulders of all the junk I carry around. So keep me accountable and I will hold all of you too. Everyone who wants to participate, leave a comment. If you are really brave send a picture of your "Junk Drawer" (or closet, or garage) before and after. Start small. If all you can do this time is one drawer, that is awesome!!!

At the end of April I will post my before and after and anyone who sends me their photos and we can all pat each others backs and feel amazing together.

Who is with me??

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

How great. I'm glad you're so motivated!! And you'll be able to sell all your stuff at the garage sale, yay!!! We've slowly been working on the same thing of decluttering. We've also sold a ton of stuff we don't use on craigslist (or are still trying to). I think the garage sale will help us feel much more free!