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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lace hair bow - Day 198

 I love girly things and bows are no exception. I don't have a hair bow clip and as I was sitting next to my stash of fabric I thought "Hair Bow!" It is the same way I make the boys bow ties, except in the bow ties I added an extra layer inside with felt for stabilization.
 So first step you cut the size of rectangle you want. Sew all the way around, making sure you leave a hole  open so you can turn it right side out.

 After turning the right way, fold in half.

 Then fold the open sides to the middle.

 This is the way it looks from the side. It makes a capital "E". 

 Sew right down the middle. 

 Add a clip on the back with hot glue.

 Add some pizazz!

 Here is what it looks like in my hair!


Michelle C said...

Love it. I loved how you wore it on Sunday with your hair all curly and on the side!

Johnston Journal said...

You look like your mom here! And there is no better compliment in my opinion! :)