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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Tayrien!

Two years ago Tayrien was born. Man how time flies! I can't believe that by this time with Ben's age I had another one! Crazy! He has brought so much joy in our lives.
Things we love about Tayrien:
He is so snuggly
He is so sweet
He loves any kind of animal
He sings along to any music
When you whisper in his ear that you love him, he whispers it back!
He scowls when you ask him to close his eyes
He always is willing to give a hug or a kiss
He always says he is sorry when he has done something wrong
He loves wo swim in any water
He follows whatever his big brother does (or tells him to do)
He loves to growl
He loves to pretend he is a puppy dog
He plays the piano every day
He LOVES food
He loves to help mommy
He loves his daddy and gets so excited when he comes home
He loves the Itsy bitsy spider
His Benny sounds like "Bunny"
He loves almond milk!
He loves his brothers cowboy boots and I often find him only wearing them
There are soooooo many more reasons why we love him.This is Tayrien's birth announcment. I have yet to print it. This will be done this week!
Every year the boys get to pick out a cereal they want to eat on their birthday. This year Tayrien picked cookie crisp. It was a big hit!

We wanted the boys actual birthday to be special so we give them a gift on their day. This is Tate getting his gift.

It was a soft Buzz lightyear that comes with a matching blanket. He LOVES Buzz and Ben has woody so we knew he would enjoy it!


Michelle C said...

What a sweet heart. I love that he whispers I love you back and does anything Ben tells him to do, lol. I don't remember that birth announcement. What a sweet picture!!

Anonymous said...

Tender-hearted little Tayrien. Beautiful birth announcement!