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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birp cloth redu

 I have not had spit up babies. I consider myself very lucky not to have to smell like baby puke all day. I thought I should at least have one in case this baby was different. I found a random burp cloth in my stash of girl stuff, but it was a boy print and color. Figure that out for me. So I wanted to cover it up and make it more girly, but the outside crochet border was blue. I found this scrap of adorable fabric and went to work.

I cut the fabric slightly larger than the burp rag and folded the ends under. I pinned to help keep it into place.

I sewed right along the edge so I would catch the hem of the new fabric and make it look like the new fabric belonged on there.

Then I added a ruffle. The strip I had was lready cut so I just hemmed all edges and ruffled the strip. Then I pinned and sewed the ruffle on.

Super cute I almost want a reason to use it!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

That is adorable Brittany!! I love it.