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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Benny!

Benny turned four this year. He is very excited about this and tells everyone. He is very aware of his birthday and the events surrounding that day this year.
Here is my favorite from his birthday photoshoot this year.

He loves to help his mommy right away
He shares so well with his brother
He is very excited for his baby sister to come
He is super smart
He loves primary and is always quick to answer the questions
He loves his cousins, they are his best friends
He loves doing his chores
His prayers are so thoughtful and he always wants to say them
He loves Sunday because he gets to go to Primary
He loves super heros and Batman is his favorite
His favorite phrase on his birthday while opening presents was "Oh my goodness!"
This is him closing his eyes while waiting for his suprise.

Love his reaction!

He got a Vtech learning console. He loves it and wants to play it all the time. I am just glad it is educational!

He picked out the same Cereal for his birthday breakfast as his brother!


Michelle C said...

How sweet!! I LOVE his reaction too, lol!!! Such a great picture from his photoshoot. Just a sincere, sweet smile

Anonymous said...

So darling! Sweet boy!
I left comments on the previous two posts. They didn't show up; hopefully this one will show up.