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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day four

So we are entering the stage where we will start to introduce the potty to Ben. I have done some research on which potty to get and decided the blue simple potty above. My child is on the small side, so I wanted something that he would feel comfortable in and still catch everything. I also got a book for us to start reading to get him interested in the potty.

I chose the "somple potty" because it had a five star rating on Amazon.com. I read all of the reviews and it said it was perfect for little boys with the front guard. Ben is on the small side so I wanted to get one that would be easy for him to access and not spill.

What potty has everyone used for their kids? How did they work for them? How did they not work? Did reading books about the potty help? I am going to write a review and comment on the success or failure of this potty in the future.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

We're big fans of the Baby Bjorn potty. It's super simple to clean- which is a big plus for me. Just enough of a guard in the front for the boys and we now keep it in the back of our car as a potty on the go- priceless!

Michelle Church said...

We have the basic baby bjorn white potty as well. We got it from toysrus/babiesrus. The only thing I don't like is it's pure plastic which is nice to clean and the insert comes out but only after 3 minutes of sitting there Nathan starts to say owie and has a red butt. We also have a insert for our big potty that has a cushioned seat so I like that aspect of it. It's just that Nathan can't have a lot of independence with it because I have to lift him up to get there and then he just unrolls the toilet paper. A lot of my friends have said going #2 takes quite a long time for the kiddos, so the hard plastic doesn't seem like it's going to work well for that.