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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 9

Today is the review for the potty we got Benny. We got the book in the mail before the potty, so we read it a few days to put it in his head. When the potty arrived I tried to explain what it was and demonstrate. He looked like he thought I was crazy. That night during bath time he started to pee in the bath so I caught the pee with the potty. Then I rewarded him.

Day two: I stripped him down in the morning and said the magic words to say when he had to go to the potty. His treat is a mini marshmallow and he really loves them, so he eventually understood what I was getting at and peed. He didn't hit the target exactly, but he was standing close enough and I just caught his pee again. He got his marshmallow and decided that just sitting on the potty was reward enough. We did this multiply times me thinking he had to pee and him thinking he would get a marshmallow. No success for either of us. I thought I would let him just ear sweats so he could tell me better when he had to pee. That just lead to wet pants. then he went totally comando and that led to a few accidents. So on went the diaper. When he woke up from his nap he immediately motioned pee so we tried and again he peed, but missed the mark. We kept trying that night by sitting him on the potty and putting his hand in warm water, and then moving to the tub and giving him a bath. Needless to say he was done for the night.

He totally understands what we are trying to do. He pees when I tell him he can if there is actually pee in there.

Ok so that was more of his peeing story than a review. I really like this potty., It is light and one piece of plastic. You just dump the whole potty and then wash it out. Very easy. It looks comfortable for Ben too. It has a nice splash guard and is skinny enough for Ben to step across to get on. He is a smaller child, so it would be perfect for bigger children.


Michelle Church said...

WOw, look at him go! So you're having him stand to go? I have been doing nathan standing. I have a friend taht did the standing thing from the beginning though and that worked well. Mini marshmallows - what a great idea. nathan loves those!! I don't know the motion for pee, hmmm? Seems like he'll be potty trained before Nathan. lol. I'm glad you like the potty. I would love to just put nathan in underwear and let accidents happen. I think it would speed up the process, but with it mostly being carpet and not our home, I can't really do that. Keep us updated!!

Erin said...

You are a brave women! I'm interested to see how this turns out. Charlotte used to really hate having a dirty diaper but the older she gets the less she cares. I'm probably going to wait until after the twins come unless she acts really ready before then because I've heard they regress and it will be harder to help her when I'm busy with newborns.
I guess I need to figure out what I think ready is:

I'd like her to recognize when she's about to go and be able to tell me.
Be able to pull her pants down by herself (and eventually up)
We definitely can't do either of those things yet but we do talk about it and she does like flushing the toilet.