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Monday, January 25, 2010

Day five

Today I am going to post about all the tv shows Daniel and I are following. Most we watch together, but some I watch by my self.

This is one of our absolute favourites. The main guy reads peoples expressions and body languages to tell if they are telling the truth or lying. I love the character and the problems they have to solve. watch this, it is awesome!

The first one is glee. I love music and this is a great show for preforming and great music. THe drama on the side isn't that great, but I think if you just glaze over that stuff you can enjoy the music. I watch this one by myself.

I also watch this one by myself. I saw the first episode and laughed so much. This is a comedy and some of the content I don't agree with, but it is a good laugh and just fun.

Daneil and I watch this one together and we love it. She just received an award for her performance in this series. It is a lawer show, so I think that is why Daniel enjoys it so much. I like it becasuse it makes me think about the cases and I love to solve them.

This one is very clever. I have never heard of this concept before. It is about an inmate who was jailed for fraud and stealing and he turns it around to work for the FBI for the rest of his sentence. He is a really great character and the actor does a great job. I like the fashion aspect of it. He has really good taste.

This is a good show to watch if you want to get motivated about food storage and self sufficiency. It is about the end of the world and how a little town called Jericho handles all that comes there way. Makes you think and be grateful for what you have.

This is the latest one we have starte. It is another law show, but you really can't predict what will happen. I love Glen Close and she gives a superb performance in this series.

I watch some of them on Hulu.com, abc.com, or crackle.com.


Rachel said...

Oh I do love "the good wife" it GREAT!

Sarah said...

I love Cougar Town!!! Especially because it's right above Sarasota, they even went to Siesta Key in one of the episodes! It makes it so fun. And I love glee, that gives me some of my inspiration for my show choir :) Good shows! I haven't seen some of them so maybe I'll add those to my queue on hulu :D

Michelle Church said...

Wow some great shows. A lot of them I don't watch, maybe I'll have to check them out!! I like White Collar and LIe to me a lot. We watch those too. I'm looking forward to lie to me starting agian! I miss it. You're very clever with your ideas for posts. Great job!