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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 6

This post is dedicated to all friends furry with tails and bark. My first loves are my pugs Hazel and Caesar. They just turned four this month and are already starting to get white beards. I can remember when we first met them! How cute and cuddly they were. They snorted and made weird noises when they slept. Oh what good fun we had with them. I have put them on the back burner ever since my son was born. I really need to pay a little more attention to them. So I am researching wonderful things to make their lives better and here are a few:

doggie waste system
rain coat (this one reminds me of the ladies who wear plastic hoods)
dog bowls
treat launcher
prevent bloating

p.s. Some of those are ridiculous!

1 comment:

Michelle Church said...

Oh my, those are hilarious! i love so many of them. Those bowls look great. The rain coat reminds me of the old ladies too! That treat launcher is awesome! And couches for dogs, how neat!!