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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 3

I love the color wheel. I am an artist and I live by it as a reference guide. My favourite combination is red and green. I know it is Christmas colors, but I can't help it. I like a soft green with a deep dark red. I am too afraid to put use it in my house though for fear of the Christmas effect. SO my dilemma is I want to decide on a color pallet for my two main rooms.

My Living room walls are a greyish blue. I like the idea of yellow with it, so I painted some canvases with yellow and blue together. It looks really nice. I also have some temporary curtains up that are deep red and that looks really nice with the soft blue too. So I am torn. Maybe I should use all three together? Then it may feel like a play room with red, yellow and blue. I also need a good color for a couch. My dogs shed and they are tan. I don't want to have a black couch if the hair will stick to it. mmmm problem there. Opinions please?

My kitchen is the soft green I like oh so much. I really want to put red in there, but I know it will be to weird. I also thought about putting yellow and then maybe white in there. My new dishes are white (thanks Kathy), so that is easy to work with. Help!!!

Now Ben's room I just remembered isn't painted either. I need a neutral color. We will eventually have another child and if that child is a girl I have to make the room work for both genders.

Wow that was a lot of painting and I am already tired just thinking of doing it.

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Michelle Church said...

What about if the couch was leather? Maybe the dogs' nails would cut it? But it's easy to wipe clean and wouldn't stain (from kids or dogs) or if you got some sort of patterned couch like mom and dad's old ones in the living room or the newer ones in the main room. I really like the plain couches though and then have a decorative, colored pillow. I think DO RED IN THE KITCHEN. Who cares if it happens to look christmasy. I don't think it will anyway because the green is so pale/light. What about yellows, orange, red, or even those primary colors you talked about for the kids' room? You had mentioned doing it for a play room but I'm guessing that's for the future when you have a play room? I love color so I think use it how you want. I think it'll look great!