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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 7

I sooo need a vacation so this post is dedicated to wonderful places I want to vacation to this year. Please leave helpful comments to help me decide which one to choose!

Vacation #1 San Diego
Daniel and I talked to my dad while he was here a few weeks ago about how much he loved San Diego. They stay at this hotel right across the street from the beach. What we would do is fly to Mesa on Allegiant air and drive with Dad and Kathy to San Diego. We would stay at the same hotel they usually do. We would want to go to the beach every morning and evening, even if just for a walk. We would want to go to the San Diego Zoo and the Seaport village. Oh this would be a wonderfully relaxing vacation!

Vacation #2 New York City
When Daniel had his internship in NYC and then decided to stay in Missouri, he told me that one year from then we would go back. Well that year came and went, so I am ready to go back. There is so much to do in NYC. We would do shopping, especially H&M, shows on Broadway, touring museums, eating great food, and just enjoying what the city has to offer. Mmmm I can already smell the yummyness!

Vacation #3 Clearwater/Sarasota Florida
Daniel's Brother and sister in-law live in Sarasota Florida, so we would fly to Tampa and spend time with them! We went there for our Honeymoon and felt restricted so we didn't do all that we wanted to, so this trip we would. The beach would be a big part of this vacation. We would probably visit museums and aquariums. Things the local cities have to offer.

Vacation #4 Las Vegas
We stopped by here on one trip from BYU-I to Mesa. We were only here a few hours, but we loved walking around and seeing the wonderful sights. We would probably stay at the Venetian or Paris hotel. They have great food and shopping here that we would take advantage of. They also have of course entertainment. I can already feel the excitement!


{Steve and Amanda} said...

So many decisions! I'm personally a Cali fan.
Good luck deciding. They are all good.

Erin said...

Would Ben be going on all or staying? I think NYC and Vegas would be more fun as a couple but the beach vacations with family would be more fun with Ben. Vegas and Florida are pretty hot in the summer. NYC is still pretty humid too so I guess you are used to that. San Diego is beautiful almost any time of year...

Michelle Church said...

So you really are vacationing this year? That sounds fun. I vote for FL. You dont' know how much longer Matthew and Sarah will be there and it would be great to see the area with them since they've had time to find the best places!!