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Monday, September 1, 2008

Teddy bears & salt

This week I finally finished the coat I was making for baby Ben. It was supposed to be a prqupine, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I turned it into a teddy bear. I think it is much cuter as a teddy and I know Benjamin will love it! I am so glad to be done. It is just one more thing to check off my list before the baby comes. The other joy in my life right now is salt. If I have even the tiniest bit of salt I blow up like a puffer fish. It is really painful too. It feels like my skin is expanding and will explode. I get really hot and uncomfortable. I don't like it one bit. Everything has salt in it too! I guess I shouldn't be complaining, at least I can still have sugar. I think I would die if I couldn't eat that!


Lynette said...

I know how you feel, I went through the same thing with swelling. Don't worry, it goes away pretty fast after the baby comes out.

Erin Diehl Whitmer said...

That is such a cute jacket! What a talented mom Ben has! Sorry about the salt. There really is either salt or sugar in everything. You're getting close though.

Johnston Journal said...

That is so cute! Ethan and Silas need one and they can all match! I am so not talented enough to do that!

Michelle Church said...

You do such a GREAT job. You're so creative. I need to follow a pattern so closely. I really admire you. He will look adoralbe in his little coat. I want to make Nathan a halloween costume, but david wants him to be a "knight" the ones we find look pretty cool so we might just end up ordering it, plus I don't think i'll have time to invent one. there was a skunk costume at old navy and i tried it on his. it was hilarious. i wish you could have seen it. he thought it was really funny because I thought it was funny. it said "lil stinker" on the butt. so cute!