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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

36 weeks

This week I had another check up at the doctors. He is so wonderful! He answered all of my questions before I asked him. It is like he knows what I am always going to ask. This week is 36 weeks, but my photo was from 35 weeks. I gained six pounds it two weeks. That is four extra pounds, but as you can tell in my photo, I have retained water. My doctor said it was fine though and that I was doing just great. He doesn't check to see if I am dilated until my water breaks or I am having consistent contractions five minutes apart. It is getting so close now. Daniel comes home in less than three weeks. He is getting excited to have this baby. The doctor also asked if I have been having "gotcha" pains. He explained that when I am walking or standing every once and a while this random pain shoots down my leg. I said yes! He said that it is the baby's head pushing on my cervix and thinning it out. It kinda feels like when you turn your head wrong and it pops and burns for a second. Anyways, my mother-in-law was able to attend this appointment with me. It is fun to share the experience with people. You get to hear the baby's heartbeat and such. I have been having "real" contractions lately. They radiate through my belly and down. I am trying to hold on to this baby until Daniel makes it home!


Michelle Church said...

Hooray - a belly shot! You should take them every week until he comes even if you are just in a t-shirt. You are so close! I'm glad the appt went well. He still sounds like a fabulous Doc. What a blessing!! You look absolutely wonderful. I'm so jealous. You don't look puffy at all to me. Your belly looks great. Was it measuring right on? I miss you and wish I could be there for all this exciting stuff. So sad!! I hope he stays in until Daniel gets there too!!

Steve and Amanda said...

Aw, you look so cute. I've heard of those leg pains before, ouch they sound painful

Michelle Church said...

I wanted to say that I didn't follow the "weigh gain" rules. I don't think it's a big deal how much you gain (as long as it isn't way off from the normal amount)

Also, I had the nerve pain down my leg with Nathan too. I just thought it was him moving & hitting my nerve, I didn't know it served the purpose of effacement!! pretty cool.

Erin Diehl Whitmer said...

It sounds like you're doing great! Sorry about retaining water. I think everyone retains at least some at the end. You still look cute! There are all kinds of interesting aches and pains at this point. I really hope your baby waits for Daniel. Good luck with the last few weeks!!! I can't believe it's almost here. I just keep thinking, "Who's going to give birth?" Oh yeah, me. Yikes!

Mollie Lawrence said...

once again i don't tell my stats... my mom yells at me, and says, "mollie stop scaring the pregnant girls". :) Your doing great! You are having more contraction action than I was! You hold that little boy as long as possible! You'll do great!
PS - don't listen to erin's story... NOBODY"S first time labor goes like that... it's not right.. so don't get your hopes up! I was too excited to have Gwen cause Amantha's labor was so quick... and she only pushed for 15 mins. DON'T count on it! COUNT ON WORKING! He'll be worth every bead of sweat!
Love ya brit! Maybe we'll get to see him before he gets too big! Thanks for posting those pics of Silus, Grandma really likes them!