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Monday, September 15, 2008

He dropped!

Chase and my mom
Tayrien Family
My bellies

So this past weekend I spent with my mother and aunt Celeen in St. Louis, Missouri at a womens conference. There were LDS speakers and music performers. My favorite was Michael McLean. I laughed so hard my belly hurt all night long. The chairs we sat on were not comfy at all and I was having baby issues. During one of the breaks the director came up to me and said "You know you are just the cutes pregnant lady I have ever seen! You can't even tell your pregnant unless you look down at your belly! How are you feeling?" Well, I didn't waste any opportunity and said "These chairs are killer!" She then had a great idea and said that she could pull in a much better chair for me. So off she went and I got to sit in this nice comfy leather chair for the rest of the conference! I was so much more comfortable! I was really grateful to her! So anyways, the bed we slept on at the hotel was divine! I had forgotten how much I love great fluffy beds. After the conference we had a three hour drive to Springfield, where my aunt lives and another hour to Branson. I was SO swollen I guess from all the salty foods I ate on the the trip that my feet started to ache on the trip home. My ankles turned into cankles, and I kept feeling this pressure on my belly. I had had a sour belly all weekend too, so I thought it was just from traveling and eating junk food. So the next day was Sunday and I was still swollen and it was uncomfortable to sit through three hours of church. I walked around during Relief Society, becasue they turned on the heat! I was trying to pay attention to see if I was waddling more than usual, but I didn't fell like it. After church my brother Chase and his family came over to celebrate my moms birthday. I took their family photos and had my mom take one of my tummy. So today I was editing the photos and put last weeks photo next to yesterdays and you can definitely tell that Benjamin has dropped! So I posted this wonderful photo of me checking my shirt out and last weeks photo together so you can all see how different they are. Let me know what you all think!


Michelle Church said...

What cute photos. It looks like your belly is down lower and angled differently, so maybe he has dropped. I always had a hard time telling and thought he did one time, but then when I was in labor and they were checking me, I found out that he never actually dropped and just came down during labor. I didn't realize that some babies never "drop" until they're being pushed out with contractions! Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm glad you got a more comfortable chair. I hope you took breaks to walk during that long trip. You're a trooper. I couldn't handle hardly any of church by this time! I was just SO uncomfortable. I must agree, you are the cutest pregnant lady EVER!!

Walker Family said...

Brit, you seriously are so cute. . I see you pregnant in the pictures but i still can't believe that little brit could be having a baby!! You are too cute!!

Steve and Amanda said...

That is so cool that she got a better chair for you. I'm excited for Benjamin to come (which will be VERY soon)