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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 quirks

I have been tagged by my sister-in-law Michelle! I have to list 6 quirks about myself:

1. I peel the skin around my finger nails off. gross I now.

2. I can't sit still. I am too hyper active!

3. I have a collection of dogs and still want more. I love them all, but I am a sucker for fat and/or funny looking dogs.

4. I have to be on time. By on time I mean early in case something goes wrong or I just need a minute to prepare for what is about to happen. I get anxious when I am late.

5. My closet is usually separated into categories. Sweaters, shirts, skirts, ect. Then it has to be color coordinated according to the rainbow.

6. I am indecisive. So if we go out to eat don't ask me, I don't care. Food is food and I love all of it.

Now I have to tag 6 people:
Amanda Farnsworth, my dad, Kathy Tayrien, Mary Beck, Lizzy House, and Rachel Kerr


Steve and Amanda said...

Wow, my closet is definitely not coordinated like yours. That would be cool if it was but I just don't have the patience to do that. I can totally agree on being on time. That is so me.

Mollie Lawrence said...

at least it's not mormon standard time! MST!
I use to have an organized closet, till I had a kido, now I spend my time organizing grandmas and her drawers:)

Mollie Lawrence said...

YEA! Only eleven days left! That's exciting! You'll do great!

Michelle Church said...

I can relate with the closet! Not the color part though.
Only 2 more days until Daniel.