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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last night at young womens a lady brought a book about sock monsters and I fell in love. So today Ben and I went to a thrift store and fourn some interesting socks and I made them into monsters for him. The black and white one is named Poppy, the tall one is Zumba, and the small one is Nugget. I have a few more socks and am on the hunt for more, so I will post the next batch of monsters when they are finished!


Sarah said...

Those are SO CUTE!!!! You are so creative Brittany! I'm so happy you have time to do creative projects while you're working on the house too; I would probably feel too overwhelmed. I love all the pics of little Ben by the way, he just gets cuter and cuter everyday!! I can't believe he's old enough that it's weening time...*sigh* where does the time go? I feel like you just had him yesterday! We miss you guys, hope it's not too long before we see you again. :)

Michelle Church said...

adorable. great job. they look hard since there are small parts! great job.