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Thursday, August 13, 2009


So I found this fabric by Amy butler that I absolutely am in love with. The problem is that is is discontinued. So I found a yard on e-bay, but I had to select the project I would be using it in carefully. I chose to make a cute apron out of it. I would wear this cooking, crafting and sewing. So I have had the fabric and the pattern for a while now, and in one hour I finished it. I am so happy with it and LOVE the lotus fabric that makes up the main part of the apron. it is so comfy and it ties in a bow in the back! I think this would make a great smock for kids, so i am going to downsize it and use it in my new clothing line coming out soon!


Lynette said...

You're coming out with a clothing line? I'm totally going to be one of your customers!

Ashley said...

That's way cute!!! :)

Michelle Church said...

I really do love it! Oooo a new clothing line? Cool! what are you going to call it?

Steve and Amanda said...

Really cute! You finished it in one hour? Dang you're good.