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Friday, August 7, 2009

4th of July

I know it is August but I have been so busy with our house that I forgot to post a ton of photos. So For the 4th Ben and I went with my parents and Joe to Baudette, Minnesota. We stayed with Dan's family. We rode up in this tiny truck that had no air conditioning. Ben did really good for what we went through. He slept through most of it. We watched a parade, ate walleye, went shopping, had a boat ride, and spent time with family. The boat ride was adventurous because we had trouble with the moter. We got half way to where we were going and the motor flooded, we were luckily by a marina so we got out and waited for a while. when it finally started we could only go really slow so it took a long time to get back. It was nice though! We had a fun trip and can't wait to take Daniel back next time!

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