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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two little men

It seems like the time is flying way faster with Tayrien being little as opposed to when Ben was a baby. I don't find it hard to have Tayrien around, most of my stress comes from Ben and the terrible two's.

Tayrien 3 months
Tayrien weighs 14.5 lbs. He is already in 6 month clothing. Ben stayed in the range of six months clothing for 9 months! He is small for his age. I think Tayrien will pass through this size much faster. He loves to be talked to and has the best smile. He has one dimple in his right cheek and I LOVE it. His cheeks are also HUGE. He has a ton of hair still and can already pull up to the sitting position. He gets called a girl about once a week, even when dressed in blue. People have to say something about his hair the second they see him.

He has had gas and digestive issues since 1 month old and the doctor just thought it was colic. I am allergic to milk and have been trying different alternatives. One week I tried lactose free milk and Tayrien's digestive issues stopped. He started having a BM every day again, no gas, and I started to notice that he wasn't as greasy or stinky- like in his neck where babies collect junk. I used to have to bathe him every day due to the greasy-ness, but since I haven't had lactose milk, I haven't had to do it daily. Hi hair is two inches long on the top and is thick!

Tayrien and Ben both caught a cold over the Holiday's and Tayrien's progressed to a double ear infection and bronchitis. I couldn't even tell the difference in his behavior. He is such a great baby.

Daniel and I spent the night in St. Louis to attend a Temple sealing of the Holloways. They were a part member family and the dad was our Realtor. He joined about a year ago and we love their family! The boys stayed with my mom overnight and they were awesome. Tayrien was sick, but he did relatively well. It was so fun for Daniel and I. We ate at a Brazilian restaurant and loved the Temple like always!

They are both on pretty much on the same schedule for nap time and bed time. It is really nice to not have two different schedules. That way I get some mommy time.

He is such a momma's boy!

Benny 2 years old

Benny is going through a hard phase. Not hard for him, but hard for me. He likes to throw more tantrums and especially in public. He gets to go to his room a lot more for bad behavior. He really is such a sweet little boy. I love the cute things he does or says. He likes to say a phrase and then add mom or dad to the end. ("Uh oh! Me fall down mom!", "Me jump dad!") He loves the movie "Spirit" about a horse and wants to watch it 20 times a day. Some days I wish he could, but I only allow once. We bought him a little horse figurine on our trip and he carries it around everywhere. He feeds it and sleeps with. I found him on top of it the other night.

He loves his baby brother and sometimes is a little too rough. I found him IN Tayrien's crib the other day! He loves playing with his dogs and runs through the house chasing them or they chase him. He loves to read scriptures and go to church. He has moved into a big boy bed and Tayrien has moved into the crib!

He loves to eat cheese and fruit. The second he hears a wrapper he yells "Candy me mom!" When you ask him what is his name he sassy "2" and when you ask him how old he is he says"Ben". He loves football and yells "touchdown!" sporadically throughout the game or when he sees a football.
He is my little sweetheart!

I found this banana on the counter...I guess he can reach them now...and peel them.

I am so blessed to have such sweet little men to call mine.


Johnston Journal said...

I totally LOVE the picture of you guys on the couch!!!!!! Who took them? I so want to come there JUST to take pictures like that! So adorable!

Brittany Hamman said...

lol! Lori larimore at Branson photo. She is a family friend and has taken all our photos since we got married.

Johnston Journal said...

Haha - I forgot to mention that pic of your little baby in the moby - it's hilarious! I love it! BTW, I totally love my moby. I walked through the mall for several hours perfectly comfortable and Mason loved it!

Michelle Church said...

Such a sweet post. That is great you found a solution for Tayrien!! I hope you're able to handle the "diet" though. That's so cute about Ben and his banana. I can compeltely relate with his tantrums and the trouble that age can be. I find I don't have as much patience as I thought I would as a mother.