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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two big milestones and a super something

Tayrien turned four months! time has flown by even faster it seems than when Ben was a baby. Tayrien has hit two very huge milestones in his life in the past week.

One was getting his first hair cut, He was stating to look like a clown, because the hair on top and the sides was growing longer and faster than the back. I just trimmed the sides and it looks tons better.

The second was he got his first tooth! I didn't know four month old babies could get teeth! He woke up this morning crying (unusual), nursed and went back to sleep for three hours! When he woke he was non stop fussy (unheard of), and super drooly. He also had a temp of 101.4 degrees. I tried to find a tooth, but couldn't. I gave him Tylenol and a warm bath for the temp. I talked to our nurse and she couldn't come up with a reason for the temp either. I thought that there had to be a ooth in there, I must not be looking hard enough. Sure enough I found the hidden tooth and it already poked through the gums! Poor baby! He is really miserable! I heard that the longer it takes for a child's teeth to appear, the healthier and straighter the teeth. I hope that is just a myth!

Four month stats:
-Height: 24
-Weight: 14
-Head circumference: 16
-Push up chest when on tummy
-Takes a bottle beautifully
-Can sit in bumbo (has for a month now)
-Only wakes up once a night
-He is very strong and sits up all the time
- Follows people with eyes and head
-Laughs a lot
-Lactose intolerant
-Takes a binky (I love)

Daniel built a brand new super computer. When I mean super, I mean super huge! The case hits the middle of my thigh when it it flat on the ground! He loves it and I can say I do to! More picture space!

Watching horse movies on youtube with daddy


Chad and Amanda said...

Love love love all the pics:) Your boys are so dang cute!

Candie said...

Have you ever tried Teething Tabs?! They are wonderful! Let me know if you want more info. I have heard that about early teething too, but I'm sure he will have good teeth. Hope this doesn't make nursing too painful... at least he'll take a bottle well if it does!

Kori said...

Four months is young! My boys were almost 7 months when they got their first tooth. I can't believe how much hair he has.