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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow! Snow!

Last night we had a snow storm. We got about 2 inches. THis was not Ben's first snow, but it was the first time he could go out and play in it. When he woke up this morning I said "Lets look outside!" We ran to the front door and when opened, Ben jumped out, pointed and yelled "SNOW! SNOW!" HE was so excited and I told him we could go out and play later. We waited till Tayrien took his morning nap and then suited up. I put mittens on Ben's hands. They are black so after I put them on he looked at them for a minute and then exclaimed "Mickey Mouse?" So adorable!
Ok so we go outside and I try to take a photo before he gets to snowy but he is just so interested in the stuff. He walks around observing and playing with it. He tries to wipe it off the car and then doesn't want his mitten on anymore so he throws them. Ok whatever, you will learn soon enough what mittens are for. I took a spray bottle and filled it with paint and water and gave it to Ben to paint the snow with. He LOVED this idea. After a while of that he looked at me and said "Cold!" Meaning his hands were too cold. I asked him if he wanted me to take the spray bottle and we could go inside and he said no. He kept painting till he lost interest and then started to roll around in the snow. All of a sudden he realized that the snow isn't fun on your skin, but rather really cold. His face got this shocked look and then started screaming! He wouldn't move. He just sat in the snow and cried. I had to carry him inside and he kept saying, "Warm, mom, warm!"
I guess his first experience was eye opening and we will try it again later!


Candie said...

Love the Mickey Mouse comment! So cute. Marlie freaks out when her hands get too cold too. They will learn! We had fun today too!

Michelle Church said...

I've seen that water bottle idea in a few places. It's a neat one! Cute picture!!