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Friday, December 17, 2010

Year 26

I love Christmas time and all that comes with it! One downside for me has been that my birthday is exactly one week before Christmas. So I was generally gipped, ignored or combined, not by my family, but everyone else. Ok off my soap box, I received some really great gifts this year for my birthday and I would like to share them with you.

The first one Daniel gave to me and hands down it is the best gift I have ever received for my birthday! He was reading a magazine called "FastCompany" and there was anarticle about this lady Leslie Ligon and her company At First Sight Braille Jewelry. She was given an award for her design of her Braille jewellery. Her story is very touching and she is such a cute person. I was so touched that Daniel had thought of me when he read the article. He got in touch with this lady and put a rush order on my bracelet since my birthday was so soon. Oh course Daniel can never wait to give me my gift on my birthday so he told me a week early and I received the bracelet in the mail yesterday. It is so beautiful. It has the whole Braille alphabet on it. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for hearing and visually impaired and I am very proud to represent something special like this. Here is her blog and you should read her story, you will cry. I did.
The second gift I chose myself with birthday money. I had family pictures taken shortly after Tayrien was born by My good friend Lori at Branson Photo. She has been the photographer for all the major events in my life: Wedding, Ben's birth and his growth and now Tayrien's. I finally got them printed. I think that family pictures are better when they are bigger so I bought the biggest picture EVER! It is 24in. x 36 in. I found a frame for $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is a huge steal if you have ever framed anything custom) and today I put it up on my wall. It is fabulous and I am in love!

Thank you to family who gave me wonderful cards! I love them!
I totally thought I was turning 25 this year. I totally am not.


Shannon said...

It's kinda weird having a birthday around Christmas, eh? (Mine's 5 days after.)
But those presents are just perfect! Love the bracelet. Good job, Daniel. And that picture is a-dor-a-ble!
Happy 26th, not 25th, birthday!

Michelle Church said...

That jewelry is cute a cool idea. Good for him for being so inventive. I have such a hard time coming up with gifts!! I lose track of my age too!! I LOVE the picture. It looks great! That's so exciting it's up already! I'm excited to see you this week.

ALYN said...

Awesome family pic!

Where did you get those knitted hats the boys are wearing? I'm dying to know...

ALYN said...

Knit or crochet? What yarn did you use? Are you on Ravelry.com? I would love to make some hats like that! My email is alynhancock at yahoo if you want to conduct this conversation away from the comments.. . : P

Candie said...

I LOVE the family picture. Can't wait to see it in person - I bet the blog doesn't do it justice. Where did you go to have them taken? I do feel like a schmuck for missing your birthday. What kind of friend am I?! None the less, glad you had a good one!