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Friday, December 10, 2010


My sweet cousin Charly and her genius husband Jeff started a new business called WearItRaw active wear. Their concept was so unique to me and I wanted to share this with all my friends! I asked Jeff a few questions about the business and after you are all done reading them you need to visit their website and see for yourself!

Brittany: What inspired the direction of your t-shirt?

Jeff: People that never quit. People that lay it all on the line. People that work hard and are committed to their pursuit.

Why do you just do black?

There’s just something about white text/designs on a black shirt. It grabs your attention. I can’t explain it other than there is a feeling, thought, emotion,etc. that surfaces when you have the right words/designs on a black background. A yellow background with white print doesn’t have much punch and doesn’t say attitude does it?

What is the fabric content?

It’s a blended shirt (cotton and polyester). It took me a couple of months to find the perfect blend for the look and feel I was after. The ratio of the blend makes the shirt ultra-soft and gives the shirt an ultra-light feel. Many of our customers have commented on the fit and feel of the fabric. It’s a fitted shirt. It breathes and moves with you. Great shirt for physical activity or just relaxing. It will easily become your favourite shirt.

What is this "Attitude"?

What do we mean by attitude?
We don't mean the hand in your face type of negative attitude that seems to be everywhere these days.
We're talking about the attitude you put into whatever you're passionate about.
Attitude affects how you pursue your hobby, sport, occupation, or life.
Attitude is what creates the desire, the drive, and the dedication to be the best.

To Be The Best You Need The Right Attitude

Would you ever expand into other clothing?

Possibility. We have head wear (hats and beanies) coming in the next few weeks. We originally were not going to do a women’s line, but we received so many requests we decided it had to be done. We’re very much about listening to our customers. We’re always open to suggestions.

If you could have any person in the world wear your shirt for free advertising, who would you choose?

Jillian Michaels. Enough said.

I love it! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us! I can't wait to try one out myself so look for a WearItRaw part two!

WearItRaw site


Johnston Journal said...

Thanks Britt! It's very cool of you to do that!!!! We hope others like the line as much as we do!

The link doesn't work though at the bottom...

Daniel and Brittany said...

Thanks Charly! I fixed it!