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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas fun

I thought I would share some of our Holiday fun that we have done. Last year I received a Christmas journal and loved it. I write the activities we did, when we decorated, how we spent the holiday and include the letter to and from Santa.
This year I found a really cute template for a letter to Santa. Since Ben can't really write this was a great way to solve that. I filled it out and had Ben color and sign it. I couldn't get it to rotates, so the photo is sideways.Last year I found this great idea where your kid can get a letter mailed from the North pole from Santa. You as a parent write a response to the letter your child wrote and place it into a stamped envelope addressed to your child . Place that envelope into a larger envelope and mail before December 15th to:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks, AK 99709-9998

This year I have passed the torch onto my dad who lives in Arizona. This way he can be apart of our Christmas from so far away. Here is the website if you want the info.


This is Ben's letter last year.
Every year I wanted to make a new ornament for the kids. I am making them now, until They are a little older. Last year was the silhouette of Ben and this year I made photo blocks of the boys. They each have their own.

I thought I would share my solution to keeping papers and tokens that Ben makes. We do alot of art projects and I like to keep track of them. This is a scrapbook page keeper that I found at Michaels. I decorate the front with something that is relevant with Ben at that age, and his name and age. The whole year that he is two I can put things in this folder. When the folder is full, I can go through and pick my favourites and pitch the rest. That way there will be a folder for every year of his life. When school comes around I can include grades and projects or photos of the projects. I also keep all the birthday cards that he received for his birthday. This year Ben is in love with horses, so I put a poem on the front that my mom sings to him about a horsey. So The folders are labelled as such: newborn to 1, age 1, and age 2.
I will keep you guys updated on our Holiday adventures!

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Candie said...

Good idea on the artwork keeping! I've wondered what to do with it all.

BTW, the "post a comment" link color must be black, because it can't be seen without highlighting it. Just thought you may want to know. :)