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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Here is an update on Tayrien. He is now 14lbs and has fat rolls under his diaper on his legs as well as a double chin. Ben did not have either so I am enjoying my chunkier, He already needs a hair cut and has to be bathed daily due to all the hair. His eyes are officially blue and keep getting lighter. The third day he was here I noticed a huge toe on his foot between his big and next toe, I put cream on it and about a week later I realized that it was a birth mark! It is bright red and keeps getting larger. I tried to take a photo of it, but he kept wiggling his toes.

He holds his head really well and sits in his bumbo chair . The other day he fell asleep in it. He has a shallow dimple in his right cheek and that keeps getting deeper the for fat he puts on. I don't know about the other side yet. He can lift his head and chest up when on the floor. He loves to sleep on his tummy, so he always wants to be held. He follows us when we walk by and is very entertained by his big brother. Ben loves Tayrien and there has been no jealousy issues, just love! When I walk into the room and say something, but don't pick up Tayrien he gets mad at me. He is such a mommas boy! He has started to coo and smile back at me. He has a really deep voice!

Tayrien will sleep for four hour stretches 75% during the night and the other 25% he sleeps longer. I LOVE it! I totally feel like I can handle two kids when I have enough sleep! I am adjusting to the two kids nicely. The only trouble I have is when Ben throws a fit and doesn't listen to me. This has happened maybe twice, so not that rough. Oh and potty training accidents become sticky with two kids.

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Kori said...

He is soooo cute Britanny! I'm glad your adjusting well to two kids. Sleep is great!