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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tick Tock

Ok tomorrow is the big day! We have an ultrasound at 3:30pm and we are finding out the sex of the baby. Sooo excited. I don't know how people can keep such a great secret to themselves! I am definitely not a secret keeper when it comes to what the gender is for my babies. Ok so here is the deal:

You have less than 24 hours to put your guess in for the stats on the baby, so here is the link you need to go to and put in your guess. It is major points if you guess the correct gender, so no pressure or anything. I think the person who won the game with Ben was a Friend Rebekah Tuttle.

Oh and don't cheat and read the other guesses first. The button to push is top right, and then after you guess you can check out the others.

Here is a photos of my belly for those of you who need to see the shape of the belly before you guess!

19 or 20 weeks with Benjamin

19 weeks with baby #2


Michelle Church said...

okay, so my comment was deleted, i'm so sad!! lets see, you are absolutely adorable and i love your outfit SOOO mcuh. that shirt is so you, just like your suitcase. I LOVE IT!!! your belly is bigger this time which they case is normally the case, but maybe twins? i'm thining you'd be even bigger though. my belly was bigger with tyler. i wish i could remember my log in for expectnet for the boys to look back. that's so fun about rebekah being right! i'm excited to hear the results. i don't know how people can keep it a secret either!!

ALYN said...

You look so cute!