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Friday, May 14, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Hamman Herald
A family newsletter May 2010

Daniel - Travolta on skates

Daniel has developed a unrequited love for skating. He has introduced Benjamin to this fun experience, and Ben LOVES it. The smallest skate size they have is 8, so they are a little big for Benny, but he still enjoys it. Daniel goes almost every weekend and takes his brothers with him.

Daniel has had some pretty big changes lately. He has decided to change jobs. This great opportunity fell into Daniels lap and he decided to go for it. He started yesterday and he says he has his work cut out for him. Lots of improvements he can help with. He now works for a company called Morell Hospitality. They supply water for the United States military, but they also own a hotel called The Lodge of the Ozarks. It is a full service hotel, meaning they have a restaurant, convention center, etc. He is the Front Desk manager. He is super excited and motivated to work for this company. I am excited for the salary and benefits.

Benjamin is growing up so fast!

We went to a play place last week and they had a really steep, scary, dark slide. I went up there with him and before I could get ready, he was hanging by his fingers, dangling down the slid. I thought I needed to save him, but he smiled and let go! He giggled the whole way down the slide! I was so surprised Ben actually went down all by himself! SO he continued to do this over and over again. I thought to myself, “Yes! I can sit down and relax now,” and then quickly thought,”Oh no! My baby is growing up and doesn't need me any more.” Good thing I have another on the way to fill that void.

Ben has contracted some illness that creates huge amounts of green goop that creeps out of his nose and eyes. I am continually wiping his face. He woke up yesterday with a little cough and produced a fever later on. By the end of the day the green goop had made an appearance. I spent the whole day on the couch comforting and soothing him. By the time he went to bed I was exhausted. He woke up this morning with one eye fused shut with this green goop which had solidified into green crusties. I flushed his eyes to his discomfort and they seem to be ok for now. Poor Benny. Today he looks like someone drew a line down his face and one side looks like me and one side looks like Daniel. Do you remember a song from when you were little about John's mom is Chinese, John's dad is Japanese...poor John, because he got one eye that points up and one that points down. This reminds me of Ben.

Prom is the bomb!

I have been feeling wonderful lately so I stay really busy. I am half way through the pregnancy and am so excited to welcome another baby boy. I belong to this group called MOPS. It is Moms Of PreSchoolers. We get together once a month and socialize and have speakers. This last Tuesday was the last one for the year so it was a Prom. I cannot fit into my prom dress due to a little bump, so a friend of mine, Claire, bought be this dress at a half-of-half store for $6. I loved it! We had so much fun and I can't wait till next year!

Photo of Brittany and Aimee...due the same time.

Recently I finished a quiet book for my cousin. It took me 6 months to finish...there was a few months of couch confinement due to morning sickness. I recently gave it to her and I now have to start one for Ben! It turned out really cute! The front page is a tree with tons of textured leaves. The second page is a barn with finger puppet farm animals. There is a pig, chicken and horse. The page that it accompanies is a garden with vegetables that you can pick out of the ground. Lettuce, carrots, radish and egg plant. The next two pages are sports themed. One is a baseball that you can take off and put back, and the other is a football that you can lace up. The

next page is a magnet page. One is an under the sea where you can place sea creatures any where and the other is a sail boat you move along the water. The next page is a pick nick basket with a blanket and you pull out utensils and set the table. The next one is a telephone with a pull off receiver. The next one is a robot with stretchy arms and legs and a spaceship that blasts off to the moon. The last two pages are a mailbox with letters to Ethan, the little boy, and a zippered pocket with sock puppets.


ALYN said...

Wow! That is impressive. It must've taken so long to make. It looks great!

Michelle Church said...

That's so cute about Daniel skating! I see all the pictures/videos of when you guys go and I keep telling David we need to go (because i always loved roller blading when I was younger), but he just laughs and says he doesn't want to. lol. That's neat about Daniel's company supplying military water, I didn't know that part. He'll do great with the job and it's so exciting about all the blessings it's going to bring into your life!

I know what you mean about our babies growing up fast! yes, the new little one will help fill that void. I'm worried for the day that I realize my last baby has gotten to that stage, I think it'll be pretty sad for me and you!!

Poor Ben with yucky green goop! Yucko!! Poor little thing! I'm glad he's feeling slightly better today and hope he continues to get better!!

That's neat you'er due around the same time as your MOPS friend. It kind of looks like an 80s prom.I looked at the album on facebook that you were tagged in from it. I haven't made it back to my MOPS group after the first one. It's just so hectic in the evenings. For this last one they got free massages!! Free!! But David had to work late and couldn't watch the boys - bummer!!

Britt there aren't enough words to describe how awesome that quiet book is!! That is SOOOOO cool!! Great job! That looks like a lot of fun!! You're so good at doing that stuff and so creative!

Hey, if you remember, take pictures of the quotes on your walls. I haven't seen it yet and I don't know what quotes you chose!

Michelle Church said...

OH and I love the "Hamman Herald" and Travolta on Saktes. that's creative!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

LOVE the book- you could sell them on Etsy for $50 a peice- seriously. It's AWESOME!

Staci & David said...

So glad to get updates on life. Sorry I'm not very good at leaving comments lately- I just am in such a rush every time I get the computer lately!:) My sister is so big into garage sales, too- I have gotten a few things but mostly either inherit things (clothes) or try to resist getting anything more since we know at least two more moves are in our near future. Love ya

Rachel said...

Our ward just did quiet books. Everyone made a page and (well, everyone did 12 of the same) and got together and swapped pages. It was good because they could just do the same one over and over and had to get materials just for the page they were doing. I didn't do it. I'm not crafty at all, and couldnt think of anything! If you want the link I could send it to you to view. there are cool ideas in there!